Globalisation has brought many benefits to our lives, including the opportunity to live or work abroad. However, it has also brought many challenges. The legal rules in other countries can be very different to each other, even in countries that share a common language. The traditional approach of having a lawyer in each country is no longer sufficient. It is essential to bring those advisers together to look at your legal affairs as a whole.
At Spall Clark we act as a hub to bring together your legal advisers to provide a holistic approach to ensure you and your family are protected wherever you are located. Although we are not tied to a particular legal network, we can recommend solicitors practicing in other countries.
Our managing director, Paul ClarkTEP, has a been awarded the advanced certificate in Cross Border Estates by STEP and is an expert in advising international families.

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Cross border planningLasting Powers of AttorneyInheritance Tax planning